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Hello and welcome to the World of Tomorrow. Home of the marvelous Smart Mirror, built exclusively to suit your every need. Don’t let the ever growing World of Technology pass you by. Each Smart Mirror is handcrafted and programmed with the latest technologies. We’ve got everything from a simple clock all the way to a complex algorithm that gathers scores and schedules for your favorite NFL team. Don’t wait for the news or weather, why not just look in the mirror. It is as simple as it seems.

Smart Mirror FAQs

Q: How does the mirror work?

A: The Smart Mirror is powered by a Raspberry Pi micro Computer. The Smart Features (Modules) themselves are programmed by a handful of programmers around the world. Bringing the latest and greatest smart capabilities to everyone, in a nice custom built mirror.

Q: How much does the mirror cost?

A: The Smart Mirror has a base cost of $300. Which includes the mirror and 3 smart modules (Clock, News, and Current Weather). Extra costs are incurred with: Extra Modules, Wood Stain/Paint, Extra Setup costs, professional installation, and delivery fees.

NOTE: In order to safeguard any and all costs associated with your order, there will be a non-refundable $70.00 deposit per mirror. This deposit will be applied to your total bill.

Q: Is there some sort of Warranty?

A: The Smart Mirror comes with a 30 day limited software only warranty. All mirrors are custom built and sold AS-IS. We do not cover any physical damage incurred by: self-installation, transportation, destruction by animals, faulty wall hangers/anchors, lack of or blocking of airflow from the devices contained within the mirror.

Q: Is there some sort of Installation/Setup cost?

A: If for some reason I am unable to collect the needed information for setup, there may be extra costs associated with setup. The mirror itself will come with a set of pre-installed 30lb Wall hangers (mirror side) and also a set of 30lb wall anchors (wall side) for easy self-install hanging purposes.

Q: When will I receive my mirror?

A: Currently I am a one man team and have a full time job. Having said that, I will take care to make sure all of my products are made with the utmost quality. Currently, my turn around time is around 2-3 weeks. This time is estimated on the basis of ordering/waiting for necessary parts and construction. If you would like to be signed up for Progress Alerts, please let me know at time of purchase. Mirrors are only being sold in and around Colorado Springs, Colorado area. If you are outside of the given area orders will be taken on a case by case basis. Pickup is available for free, while a delivery fee is added based on your location. I will not meet you at any location other than your home or business.

NOTE: You will be notified if there are any major delays in production.

Q: I don't like the standard wood color, are there any other color options I can choose from?

A: Currently all models of my Smart Mirror come without paint or wood stain. However, If you would like to add a Paint/Wood Stain to your mirror you can do so with an extra cost of $15 per mirror.

NOTE: I will try to get a paint/stain as close to your requested choice. However, in some cases I might not be able to get the exact one you are asking for.

Q: Do I really need to give all of this information for a Smart Mirror?

A: Currently I will be gathering only information needed to setup the modules you have asked for. Any information gathered will not be used for any other purpose other than configuring your Smart Mirror. Certain Modules require very specific information. If you do not want to give that information then I can't deliver that module with the final product as it will not work correctly.

Q: How does the Mirror connect to the internet?

A: Each Mirror comes with built in Wi-Fi. Your Wi-Fi credentials (Wi-Fi Network Name, and password) will be collected in advance as part of the configuration process. Meaning that you can plug your Mirror in at home and it will automatically connect without any issues.

Q:How do I know my Mirror is secure and private?

A: The mirror operates only on its own operating system. It is connected to the internet only to gather and update your module’s required information (email, time, weather, etc.). No unsecure data is ever downloaded to or transmitted from the Mirror.

Have Any other questions not described?

Email me now at and I will get back to you at soon.

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