A little about myself

My Career:

My name is Jeremy Thomas and I am a Senior Software Engineer with Lockheed Martin. For Lockheed Martin I have spent the last four years working on GPS for GCS (GPS Ground Control System). In my four years, I have been apart of the process at every level. From writing code and documentation to managing a team of engineers across discplines and working schedules and proposals. I currently hold the titles of Project Lead, Release Lead, Lead Engineer and Scrum Master. I continue to push myself to go above and beyond what is asked, to deliver the most secure, efficient system we can create. From my work ethic, I pride myself in receiving high annual review scores, recognition from fellow engineers and even being promoted early twice.

My Background:

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in the field of Software Engineering. I also recieved three Minors in the fields of Game Design, Computer Science, and MIS (Management Information Systems) from Penn State Erie, The Behrend College in 2016. I dabble in many things including: Web Site Design, Video Editing, Graphic Design, App Development, Game Development and even Smart Devices using Raspberry Pi's. Being a former Advanced Repair Agent with Geek Squad I also take the hobby of fixing, building and repairing hardware and software. You will find many of my projects included inside these digital pages. I am fluent in over 8 different programming languages including but not limited to; C++, C#, c, Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, bash/shell.

My Path:

I'm here to create, invent and re-imagine how we perceive technology. Technology should be fun, not a hassle. There are no 30 page manuals for my projects, and living by the Keep It Stupid Simple (KISS) approach to Software Design is one of my very high priorities. So go have some fun, look at some projects, watch some videos, play some games and enjoy the world of technology.

My Life:

On a more personal note this is the real me. I love to hike, fish, hunt and go camping. I enjoy taking Landscape Photography and love to be outside. As much as I love technology, I also love to work with my hands. I spend some of my off time renovating my house, hiking or watching movies. I might be the most outdoorsy tech guy you'll ever meet.

Medano Pass Colorado